How to make simple and quick sticky toffee pudding recipes using bicarbonate of soda

how to make simple and quick sticky toffee puddingDid you know what is sticky toffee pudding anyway? According to wikipedia, Sticky toffee pudding is a british steamed dessert consisting of a very moist sponge cake, made with finely chopped dates or prunes, covered in a toffee sauce and often served with a vanilla custard or vanilla ice-cream.Here we will make a simple and also quick way to make this sticky toffee pudding. Have you ever used soda to make this sticky toffee pudding? it creates a unique tastes and delicious of sticky toffee pudding. First, we need to prepare the ingredients of this pudding.

Ingredients of simple and quick sticky toffee pudding:

  • 175 gr self-raising flour
  • 1 tsp mixed spice
  • 175 gr golden caster sugar
  • 2 beaten eggs
  • 200 gr stoned and chopped dried dates .
  • 250 ml black tea (not too strong)
  • a half tsp bicarbonate of soda
  • 85 gr softened unsalted butter

Ingredients of the toffee sauce:

  • 142 ml carton double cream
  • 100 gr light muscovado sugar
  • 100 gr unsalted butter
Simple and quick sticky toffee pudding using bicarbonate of soda

Simple and quick sticky toffee pudding using bicarbonate of soda

How to make simple and quick sticky toffee pudding:

  1. Heat the oven to 180 Celcius or fan 160 Celcius or gas 4. Place the tea  and dates in a medium saucepan and bring to the boil. Cook for about 3 to 4 minutes to soften the dates. Mix in the bicarbonate of soda.
  2. Beat the caster sugar and the butter together with electric beaters until pale and creamy, then beat in the flour,egg, and mixed spice. Fold in the date mixture and pour into a buttered ovenproof dish or brownie tin. Bake for about 30-35 minutes or until the top is just firm to touch.
  3. Meanwhile, make the sauce by putting the butter, sugar, and cream in a pan over a low heat and simmer until the sugar has melted. Cook until the sauce is a lovely toffee color. Cut the pudding into squares and serve with the warm sauce and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

I have had many sticky toffee puddings recipes in England and just had to learn how to make it here in the States. I will say this is very authentic, delicious and decadent. Not one thing would I change. I’m drooling just thinking of it, so may have to make it again soon.This recipe was provided by a professional chef or restaurant and may have been scaled down from a bulk recipe.
Absolutely yummy. You can use dried figs and chocolate ovaltine and it was really good. It took longer to cook, but I did quadruple the recipe and only used two baking trays, so it was deeper than it should have been.
Nutrition per serving: 557 kcalories, protein about 5.1g, carbohydrate about 69.6g.

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