How to cook easy and quick udon noodles

Udon noodles are a kind of wheat pasta typically recognized in Japanese cooking, specifically in soups. They are frequently bought in shelf-stable packages either as totally dried or partially (semi-dried). These are just as simple to cook as other forms of pasta. If you begin to know of cooking these as you would spaghetti, until “al dente,” it will be simple. Utilize them in soups and other Asian inspired dishes.

udon noodles

How to cook easy and quick udon noodles

A thick, white, ribbon-like noodle favored in Asian cuisine. Udon is created by kneading strong, white wheat flour, salt and water. It could be eaten hot or cold which makes it a flexible ingredient for anything from hot soups to cold salads. In Japan it is perfectly appropriate to slurp the noodles, that all adds to the pleasures and also the udon experience.

Kitsune udon

You might have seen udon noodles in hot soup or fried udon noodles. Chilled udon noodles are also favored in the summertime. These are typically consumed by dipping into noodle dipping sauce (mentsuyu) that is soy sauce flavorful dashi soups. Bottled mentsuyu can be purchased at Asian supermarkets. Generally, chilled udon noodles are provided with some other toppings, such as grated fresh ginger, nori (dried seaweed), chopped green onion, wasabi, sesame seeds, and so on. It’s Alright in order to make slurping sounds when eating udon noodles in Japan.

Prepare Udon noodles

To cook udon noodles, add noodles to a pot of boiling water and bring back to the boil. Blend noodles, increase the amount of cold water to the pot and bring back to boil again. Switch down the heat and cook noodles until tender. Drain noodles and run under cold water.

Cook Udon noodles

Use cold udon noodles with sesame seeds, fresh ginger, dried seaweed or wasabi. Blend hot udon noodles with prawns and vegetables, or include to Asian-style soups.

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