How to make durian pancake

indonesian-durian-pancakeThe main ingredient of Durian pancake recipe is definitely durian, more delicious if we want we can use super durian or Montong durian. how to make durian pancake, lets start…

Ingredients Content of durian pancakes:
– 60 grams of durian, mashed
– 100 milli coconut milk (preferably homemade coconut milk)
– 10 grams of cornstarch
– 1/4  tsp salt
– 2 tbsp granulated sugar

The main ingredient of durian pancakes:
– 1 tbsp sugar (adjust to your sweet taste)
– 180 gr flour
– 150 milli fizzy drinks
– 1 / 8 tsp salt
– 2 eggs beaten off
– 250 milli milk
– 30 g durian, mashed until smooth

How to make a durian pancakes:
Phase 1. Stir the main ingredient pancakes until blended, make a thin omelette, on non-stick fryring pan, in reserve.
Phase 2. Create content, stir sugar, coconut, durian, salt, cornstarch.
Stage 3. Cook stir until popped, remove and let cool.
Stage 4. Fold the omelet, filled with durian VLA. Ready to served.

More or less to 10 servings durian pancakes

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